Let me be crystal clear here...I am no longer connected with Monavie in virtually any way. Furthermore no, I am not some grudge holding, flunkie ex-rep either. Keep in mind here, in this MLM evaluation, I’m simply planning to be speaing frankly about the Monavie liquid; maybe not the organization or the compensation plan or the business enterprise developing strategies...only the juice. And you’re planning to get a really truthful, forthright review from an individual who consumed it for almost a year. So let us get to it.


Before we examine each Monavie liquid 1 by 1, let’s examine the “star element” in most of Monavie’s products and services, the acai berry. While each of the three Monavie liquid blends include 19 different fruits that offer exceptional health benefits, it’s irrefutable that acai berries would be the stars of the Monavie show, and with great reason. The reason why there is therefore significantly hype about the acai fruit and acai fruit products and pills is that there are always a heap of clinical studies that demonstrate the natural price of the superfood. There is no place for reservation as to the benefits that fresh fruit provides for your body.

One of many main reasons for the recognition of Monavie liquid is their one of a form freeze-drying process that gives an excellent of acai powder unrivaled in the market and one that *”boasts an ORAC score (a measure of antioxidant power) greater than any other fresh fruit or plant tried to date, on a gram-for-gram basis,” according to the Monavie corporate site. As you have in all probability presently determined, all procedures of processing acai fruits are not developed identical, so therefore all acai fruit products aren’t developed equal. In stage of truth, many acai services and products utterly provide that little Brazilian berry a bad title, as they certainly were harvested and processed in this way concerning practically strip most of the important nutritional elements and polyphenols (a strong family of antioxidants that assist in neutralizing the harmful results that free radicals may go on your own body) proper out of the acai fruits, and make them virtually useless.

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