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Expanding and Increasing USB

USB screen could be the expansion dock on the motherboard for connecting different external devices. These growth interfaces, can be units, additional Switch, scanners, flash drives, MP3 players, DC, DV, mobile computer, mobile phones, tablet and different external products linked to your computer. Moreover, by extending the software also helps the interconnection between computers.​

Presently, the normal software to a sequential program expansion (Serial Port), Similar Software (Parallel Port), universal successive coach interface (USB), IEEE 1394 interface.


Common Sequential Bus (Universal Successive Bus) known as USB, is the pc, electronic, smooth cell TVs and other products and services part glazing purposes, a software specification. USB software is really a four-pin software, wherever the middle two pins to transfer information, both parties of the two-pin power supply to peripherals.

USB is the abbreviation for Universal Successive Bus. It’s not just a new coach normal, but found in the PC subject of screen technology. USB is the finish of 1994 by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and other individuals jointly proposed. But till lately, it was widely applied. From Nov 11, 1994 published a USB V0.7 variation later, USB version has gone through decades of progress, has been developed for the 2.0 version, a typical extension to the present pc interfaces. The existing table is mainly used USB1.1 and USB2.0, the USB version of the compatibility involving the well. USB select with a 4-pin select as common, using the daisy-chain can connect all the peripherals around 127 can be connected to additional devices, and number loss in bandwidth. USB involves the host hardware, operating systems and peripherals to support three aspects of the work. The current panel is generally applied to guide USB purpose control chipsets, motherboards will also be designed with USB software outlet, and in addition to the backplane connection, the panel also set aside a USB green, you are able to join the frame top As a USB software for easy use (note that the wiring to the motherboard handbook carefully browse the chart and press connect, do not choose the wrong making equipment damage). And the USB program may also be connected with a specific USB cable to reach dual device interconnection, and more can be widened through the Center interface. With a sign pace USB (USB1.1 is 12Mbps, USB2.0 is 480Mbps), simple to use, hot-swappable, connect variable, independent power supply, etc., can join a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, thumb pushes, MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, portable hard disk, external visual weak, USB, LAN, ADSL Switch, Wire Computer, etc., nearly all additional devices.

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